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Lauretta Onochie Reacts, Tells Queens College To Retrian Their Staff

The fearless and outspoken social media aide to president Muhammadu Buhari, Lauretta Onochie has said that Queens college needs to retrain their staff.

Onochie also made it known that if the learners are matured enough, they won’t be in secondary school.

“If school children were perfect, there’ll be no need to send them to school

“The role of the School is to facilitate learning which includes character building & dealing with poor behavioural issues in dealing with children and teenagers,


“Queens College  need to retrain their staff.

The crude way a poorly behaved teenager was treated at Queens Collage  clearly shows that our teachers need training in SKILLS FOR MANAGING POOR BEHAVIOUR.

“The role of the school is to nurture, not to humiliate and embarrass.”


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