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No one fights dirtier or more brutally than blood; only family knows its own weaknesses, the exact placement of the heart. No doubt, this sentiment has proved to be true in many cases and even now. As you read, the family of late billionaire, Deinde Fernadez is in disarray barely six months after his death.

Following his demise, family of the world renowned billionaire has figuratively taken up arms to prosecute one another over the late billionaire’s estate. No sooner did Fernandez die that his wife, Halima, his children and extended family members engage each other in a bloody battle for control of his estate.

Sources revealed that several factions have emerged in the ensuing brouhaha that has Halima, his widow, battling his older children on one hand, and the extended family members on the other. Immediately after he died, it was said that Halima took charge of his properties within her grasp, while the other family members took possession of parts of his estate within their reach. According to an insider, it has become a case of survival of the fittest as everyone is fighting the other for what they can hold on to until his will is made public.

Few days back, the battle became so intense that both Abimbola, one of the deceased’s daughters and her step mother, Halima started exchanging words on the social media.

Bimbola was said to have told her step mum that she’s ‘not legally married to her father and hence she should go back to Kano and be with her family.”

Earlier in her tweet, Bim had also argued that Halima buried her father against his wish as Fernandez wanted to be buried in Kano. “Didn’t dad tell you he wanted to be buried back home? Why didn’t you invite his children to his funeral? Why are you legally battling his heirs.”

In response to her comment, Halima reacted, “still mourning my husband, but seems like I can’t catch a break from decedents of houseniggers fake royaltys”

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