Lagos Tax Boss,Tunde Fowler Hits By Controversies

For a celebrity to be able to avoid controversy there has to be a disconnection between the celeb’s person and the persona. Celebrities and controversies are inseparable. This sentiment is evident in the life of the Executive Chairman of the Lagos State Board of Internal Revenue, Mr. Babatunde Fowler.
Ever since he has chosen to tow the path of politics, he has unwittingly and wittingly submitted himself to public scrutiny, verbal attacks as well as controversies and criticisms.
For example, few weeks ago, the eager beaver Fowler was rumoured to have resigned his prestigious position as the chairman of the revenue. This controversy raged for so long until he debunked the story via an electronic statement made available to the media.
While Mr. Fowler may have felt he has successfully dealt with that spurious speculations, tattlers are now whispering in town that he has a hidden political agenda come 2015. However, the authenticity of this story we cannot ascertain at the moment.
Now, away from Mr. Fowler, Funke Fowler, the beautiful daughter of the internal revenue boss is also said to be in the news once again. Rumours were rife over the week that Funke’s marriage to handsome Abi Kuku has collapsed irrevocably due to untold reasons. Funke and her hubby got married in 2011 in a pomp and pageantry atmosphere. The wedding was attended by the high and mighty of our society, even yours truly was there. But with all these speculations milling around the Fowlers, we cannot help but to wish the family well.

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