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Lagos Tanker Fire Accident: What No One Will Tell You About The Tanker Owner

The Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Transportation, Lagos State, Mr. Taiwo Saalam has revealed that the Lagos State government has traced the owner of the Lagos tanker accident to Nassarawa State. According to him, the truck was manufactured in USA in 1999 with the capacity of loading 15 tons of load, but on getting to Nigeria the owner attached a 30 tons tanker to the truck for selfish reasons.

In his words: “The truck was built in United States of America in 1999. It has the capacity of 15 tons as a drilling rig and it has changed hands 13 times. But when it got to Nigeria the owner attached 30 tons to it, so the weight of the truck is what is pulling the truck and not the truck pulling the weight. So it’s the weight that burnt the clutch and when it got to that point of accident it rode back.

“We have traced the truck to Nassarawa local government in Kano State, LSR 888 YZ. We have now contacted our own vehicle identification services agency their, but because they are using manual so they have to go through their books in which they are still going through to check for the owner,

“Once we are able to carry out our investigation, we would handover to the police. And out of the 53 vehicles, we have successfully identified 12 cars.”


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