Lady Runs Mad After Wearing Pants Boyfriend Bought For Her

Rachel Godwin, a lady in her early thirties, has revealed how her boy friend tried to use her for rituals.

According to her, she ran mad after she wore pants that her boyfriend, Olumide, forced her to wear.

Speaking to the police, she revealed that Olumide and a friend of his used the pants for money rituals which made her lose her mind An unsettling case has been brought to the attention of police command in Ikeja.

According to the victim identified as Rachel Godwin, she was used for money rituals by her boyfriend after he forced her to wear a certain pant. It was gathered that Rachael, who works at National Orthopeadic Hospital, Yaba, ran mad after wearing the pant given to her by her boyfriend, Olumide. Godwin, had confessed to meeting Olumide during a BRT ride to Ikeja. After which, they became friends and later became lovers. Their love affair was problematic as Rachael confessed to using her savings to make life comfortable for Olumide. However, he never appreciated any of her efforts as he plotted to using her for rituals.

Her statement read: “I met Olumide in a BRT bus going from Ikorodu to Ikeja. On the day, he directed me on how to get to the police headquarters during which we exchanged contact. We kept in touch for a while and he later told me he had Gonorrhea disease, which I treated him.

“We became close and then lovers. I guess he must have hypnotized me such that I really don’t know what I was doing then. I gave him my entire savings. He even lodged in a hotel for four months and I paid a bill of N185,000 at Ketu Kosofe.

“He later took me to his father at Ikosi. They live in a very unhealthy environment, which I pitied them and offered to help. I rented a house for myself in November 2018 and he visited me in the house that same month. On December 12, when he visited me, he said he wanted to buy a Venza, I asked him how much and when he googled it, he said it was N11.8 million. I asked him how would he raise the money and he said we should open a joint account. I took my house document to get a loan and even promised to gather all I had from my cooperative bank account.

“My trouble started on December 14, 2018, when he came to my house and gave me a pant to wear. I told him that I can’t wear the pant because I was not comfortable. He went to call one of my neighbour named Helen who helped him to force me to wear the pants. After which I ran mad and was taken to my mother’s house. They took me to Ibadan for treatment and I became better. “I did not suspect him then. I kept relating with him. On December 31, I went to a church for Thanksgiving. I was given some prayers to follow up every midnight. He came back to me and was still living with me. While I was praying in January, Olumide started shouting, stop praying they have wired the money, it is only $2,000 from Alaska in USA.”

Stories of guys using female pants for rituals has been flooding the internet in recent times.[tps_footer][/tps_footer]

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