Kogi Decides: Yahaya Bello, Aides Flash 4 More Fingers

In a photograph, Yahaya Bello and his aides are seen flashing their four fingers, signifying four more years in the office as governor of the confluence state

So far, the results announced by the Independent Electoral Commission put him ahead of his PDP rival, Engineer Musa Wada. There are 21 local councils in Kogi.

Results declared:

Ogori/Magongo Local Govt
APC 3,679
PDP 2,145
SDP 244

Adavi LG

APC 64,657
PDP 366
SDP 279

Omola LG:
APC 8,473
PDP 14,403
SDP 567

Ijumu LG
APC 11,627
PDP 7,587
SDP 223

Okene LG
APC 112,764
PDP 139
SDP 50

Ogori Magongo
APC : 3679
PDP: 2145
SDP: 244

Kabba/Bunu LG
APC 15,364
PDP 8,084
SDP 364