Jose Mourinho Accused Of Tax Fraud

Jose Mourinho

Spanish prosecutors are accusing Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho of tax fraud, the second time in less than a week that country’s government has charged a soccer icon of not paying his taxes.

The Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Madrid are looking into Mourinho’s time at Real Madrid, where he was a manager for four years from 2010–2013.

Authorities have filed the claim against Mourinho on two counts of tax fraud from 2011 and 2012, who say that he owes authorities $3.6 million.

Mourinho is accused of using a corporate structure “in order to make physically opaque benefits from their image rights.”

Last week, prosecutors filed a lawsuit against Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo accusing the soccer star of defrauding Spanish authorities of nearly $16.5 million in unpaid taxes over a three–year period

Ronaldo is set to testify in his tax fraud case on July 31.

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