I’ve No Regret Graduating Late – Lizzy Anjorin

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin was among the 5,809 students who graduated from the Olabisi Onabanjo University last Tuesday, January 31 2017. The highly successful thespian bagged a Bachelor of Science Degree, Bsc. in Transport Planning and Management. Elated, Lizzy, who was celebrated with members of her family and close associates was seen among other graduating students taking pictures.
Lizzy said she had no regret not graduating when her course mates were doing so some years back. She was very happy to be back on the campus on a convocation day after she pursued her acting career and made it big.  
According to the current Head of Department for Transport and Management Planning, Dr. Cornelius Akanni, Elizabeth Anjorin who was admitted in 2003 was jovial as a student and also dedicated.
“Before she left the University, she has shown her career part. She showed her interest in acting before she left the University. We are proud of her.
She is a no-nonsense girl. She was a unionist and I was a unionist too. So, I understand her struggle to life.”
Speaking further on the Nollywood star, Dr. Akanni said, “During her time in the department, if there is any problem with her class, I will only ask them to call Lizzy for me. I was her lecturer then and I’m the HOD now. I know her academic abilities. My only advice for her is to come for her Master’s Degree programme which I believe she can do if she settles down to do it.”
One of Lizzy’s former lecturers, Mr. Raji Bashir Adisa, while speaking on the Kofo Tinubu star said, “We call her Lizzy on campus. She has the leadership quality. Immediately she entered the University system, she was recognized in her ability to do lots of things. The leadership quality has always been in her. She wants to be the class representative. she wants to be the first to make photocopies. She wants to be in possession of all the course materials given to her class. She also has the interpersonal relation with both the teaching staff and her course mates.  All lecturers in the department know her. Lizzy was a household name in the campus environment. We are always proud she is a product of this department. We also have She Baby as another celebrity in the department.”
Lizzy with well-wishers
Lizzy with well-wishers
Speaking on Lizzy’s tough approach to life, which has made her more of a controversial figure in the industry, Mr. Raji said, Lizzy had always been like that and the university trained her to continue like that, “I’m very sure she can’t change her character now. She has always been controversial. Not even the academic environment could change her. So, I don’t see the entertainment industry changing her. We build people to be controversial. Our institution is known for building successful people. When you are not controversial, people won’t know you. It is your brilliance that makes you controversial. If you are not intelligent, brilliant, have guts and become a threat to others, they won’t tag you as controversial. The world is a competitive world. We raise graduates who can defend the integrity of this University. The founding fathers of this institution believe in social services and human development. Our graduates are relevant in all walks of life. I’m also a product of this University and I’m here training the young ones. The department, faculty and the University at large is proud of what she has achieved.
Also, Lizzy’s former HOD, Dean of faculty and former Vice Chancellor, Tai Solarin University of Education, Professor Kayode Oyesiku said she had no doubt Lizzy was going to get to the peak of her career,
“I had no doubt about any individual going outside their academic discipline. I had always seen her as a versatile student while on campus. She was extra ordinary dramatic. I’m not surprised she had risen to this level in showbiz. Even as a social science graduate, she has become one of the best in her industry. The secret is simply her openness and the way she relate within and outside the theatre world.”
Professor oyesiku who is now the Provost of the College of Engineering and Environmental studies, Ibogun described Lizzy’s stay on campus as marvelous, also said, “She was very generous in laughing.   She was a good student and a great personality. To God be the glory, she is graduating today. I remember in her first year, she was a good student, despite her commitment to the film industry in later years. She maintained average academic records good enough to graduate. She was always ready to share knowledge. I wish her more success.”
At the event on Tuesday, the institution holding it’s 35th convocation produced 41 PHD graduates, 379 Master’s Degree holders and 110 post graduate diploma graduates.
 Also, 811 2nd class upper, 2, 319 2nd class lower and 1, 192 3rd first degree graduates.

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