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Imo Deputy Gov, Madumere’s Romance With My Hubby wrecked Our Marriage – Alleged partner’s wife revealed


Deputy Governor of Imo state, Prince Eze Madumere is back on the front burner of discourse.

And this time, it isn’t about any upgrade in his political endeavours- but happenings in his privates.

An aggrieved woman just hit town with details of how he alleged wrecked her marriage with sexual affairs with her husband!

The lady is identified as Sandra and her estranged hubby revealed to be Hon Uchenna Isidore Rajis.

Rajis is described as ex caretaker chairman of Njaba local government Area of the state.

The accuser claimed her discovery of the ‘un becoming affair’ between her husband and the newly appointed deputy governor- and  refusal to tolerate it resulted in Rajis abandoning her and her three months old son, Igwe.

She claimed confirmation of the relationship between the duo occurred in January 2012 at disney hotel in Owerri .

Sandra claim this was after her traditional wedding ceremony to Rajis on November, 26th 2011 in Owerri,.

According to the estranged wife, the couple lodged at the hotel after the traditional ceremony as a sort of honeymoon. She took  permission to go visit her ‘village’ and on her return stumbled on the spectacle that turned the marriage upside down.

She returned and met the door locked- but secured entry only to behold the sight of ‘ prince Madumere, who was then Chief of staff to Imo state Governor and her hubby came out of the bathroom naked and sweating’

Sandra maintained no reasonable explanation could be profer for the development.

She further furnished they were specifically lodged at ‘the camp David apartment, of the hotel’ when the incident happened.

The aggrieved ex wife claimed she has chosen to go public with the disclosure, and do what is right as part of moves to fight for her  son’s right- and make Rajis live up to his responsibility.

She claims alleged sexual partner, Deputy Governor Madumere just sponsored Rajis wedding to yet another woman- while he refuses to care for his abandoned son

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