I Swore That Only My Husband Will See My Nakedness But As I Traveled, This Is What Happened

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This is a story about a young beautiful lady who made a vow never to allow any man to see her nakedness but a different thing happened at last after all the promise made.

A relationship is sweet but marriage is sweet. most times, some people who tried to keep their promises in both relationships and marriages still fail to keep to their vows because of one temptation or the others. In this article, I shall be telling you what this beautiful lady did after she had sworn to keep her body from men until she is married, and I shall also review to you the reactions of people concerning what this lady did.

A beautiful lady of the name Glory, took to her Twitter page to say one of her promises she has failed to keep.

According to her, she said “I swore that only my husband will see my nakedness… Today, I travel interstate for doggy. Let us just be thanking God for journey mercies.

Her statement shows that she has failed to keep to her promise and she even went as far as travelling a long distance to have an entanglement with a man.

Do you think what she did was wrong?

Do we still have people who do not go against their vows?

Have you sworn and kept to it?

Also, see how people reacted below 👇

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