What  do you know about Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase apart from the glaring fact that he is the Publisher of Complete Sport and Success Digest Newspapers? Perhaps, that may not be difficult for you to know. You may also be aware of how he floated the newspaper with just N6500 in the year 1984 after quitting his job as a sport journalist in Guardian Newspaper. That may also look simple. But we can bet you haven’t heard this exclusive gist. Lend me your ears…it is about his love life!

Do you know that this paragon of congeniality in question only courted his wife, Esther, for two just two weeks before settling for the altar? We overheard him few days ago telling a lady during an interview how it happened. In his words: “I was a sport writer at the defunct Concord Newspaper and my wife was also an admin executive at Concord. This was where we met. And we only courted for only two weeks before getting married.”

On why the courtship was so brief, he said: “I’ve only made up my mind that I’ll quickly settle down with any God-fearing woman I see and likewise her.  She saw it I already have all the qualities she was looking for in a man. I think we noticed we have many things in common, so we decided not to waste our precious time. So we got married.”

It may interest you to know today the couple run together their newspaper investment and has emerged as one of the best entrepreneurial couples in the country.

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