Huge Surprise As Funeral Worker Gets Sacked After Doing This With Maradona’s Body In His Coffin

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An employee of a funeral parlour who took pictures of Diego Maradona’s corpse has lost his job for disrespecting the football legend.


The photo of Maradona’s body inside the funeral parlour went viral and authorities have taken action against Diego Molina.


The picture which has been shared on social media has received angry responses from fans all over the world.

Maradona’s lawyer Matias Morla commented on the issue:


“Given the viral nature of an image of Diego on his deathbed, I’m going to personally try and find the scoundrel that took the photograph. 

“All those responsible for such an act of cowardice are going to pay.”

Molina has been sacked after taking pictures with Maradona in an open casket and it has been discovered that three other employees of the company also took pictures.

Maradona’s lawyer is still keen on finding the identity of other staff who did the same as Molina.

“Diego Molina is a scoundrel who took a photo next to Diego Maradona’s coffin.

“For the memory of my friend, I will not rest until you pay for such an act.”

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