How Trials Reunite Gbemi, Toyin Saraki

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Not so many people are aware that all is not well between Toyin Saraki, the beautiful wife of the new Senate President, Bukola Saraki and her sister-in-law, Gbemi Saraki. Before now, the two were like cat and rat, avoiding each other like plague. According to those who should know, Toyin is miffed with her sister in-law because of Gbemi’s alleged betrayer to her brother.
The problem started few years back when Gbemi stubbornly contested the Kwara State governorship against the wish of her elder brother, Bukola, who had another candidate in mind. Gbemi however lost the elections to Abdulfatah Ahmed who is still running the affairs of the state.
As a result of that election, the family has never been the same. But recently, like the biblical prodigal son, Gbemi returned to her brother and both of them embraced peace again as they decided to forget the past. But according to sources, Toyin is still not happy with her sister in-law and she felt she can never be trusted. However, in recent times after the emergence of Bukola as the Senate President and his recent trials, both have reasons to reunite more than ever. Gbemi and Toyin we learnt have now decided to put their personal interests aside and rallied round Bukola with prayers and actions.
This reunification we learnt was made possible by Gbemi who we gathered took the initiative by publicly congratulating his brother and wife on their victory then. An elated Gbemi could not hold back her joy and sources added that she had to put a call even across to Toyin to congratulate her. This smart move we heard melt Toyin’s heart, but yet the sources said she still has her eyes opened.
Toyin who is known to be a qualified barrister and a successful philanthropist and advocate of a better woman is blessed with four children.

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