How To Get Him To Ask You Out

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There is absolutely no gainsaying that a man can feel under pressure when he wants to get into a new relationship. Some explain that they feel a constant need to lead the relationship and plan for the future and that is a day’s work.

But when you know how to help him deal with that pressure at the early stages, it makes everything a lot easier and smoother.

How do you do this? You play out the words of Steve Harvey’s infamous book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. What this means is, get to know him and understand how his mind works.

There are benefits to this:

  • It gets rid of all forms of awkwardness at the early stages.
  • It plays a large role in defining the kind of men you will attract.
  • It leads to seamless and honest communication.

The next and very important question is:

How do you do this especially when you are attracted to him?

The first step is to know if he wants to make the move or is waiting for the “green light and this is where the problem lies. A lot of women traditionally believe that it is the man’s job to do this unfortunately, it is not often the case. This is because they exercise some fears including rejection.”

So they hold on until they receive a signal from the girl. Since you want him to but don’t want to come off as desperate, use the gaze formula. The legend is true, sending him signals through your eyes interprets as yes to him. Here is how, how his gaze for more than a second, smile, look away and viola.

If he returns the smile, you score all the points you need, and it is one of the easiest ways to make him approach you.

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