How Ilaro Poly Changed My Life- Student Shares Intimate Story

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A student of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ojubanire Adedotun, has ascribed praise to the institution for the efforts put in by the lecturers in ensuring that he becomes a good artist.

Dotun, who is from the Department of Arts and Design, made this statement during an interview.

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The 200 level students of Arts and Design were seen in front of a newly-completed building in the school’s premises, having a practical session which involved drawing the building from various angles. The students could be seen with various equipment with the intent to produce the best drawing, and passersby could not help but marvel at their various drawings.

Adedotun’s drawing, amongst his colleagues, was the cynosure of every eye and this can be attributed to the professionalism with which he completed his work. While his peers made use of pencils, he added the effects of a charcoal pencil to his drawing.

“My drawing looks different from others due to the difference in our pencils, some make use of 2b, Hb and 8b pencils. I’m using the 8b pencil and a charcoal soft pencil. The charcoal pencil helps add effects that an ordinary pencil wouldn’t give,” he explained.

He further stated:” I’ve been drawing before I gained admission, and I applied for Arts and Design because of my passion for art. Gaining admission has been my joy because my talents have improved, my artworks are better than what I used to produce before admission. Our lecturers are really putting in the effort to make us the best at what we do, this practical exercise is an example of this as it’ll help us gain more knowledge on what landscape drawing is.”

In an interview with the lecturer in charge of the course, Mr Ganiu Wasiu, he explained how it is of great joy to him to see his wards doing well. He further explained that the practical exercise is to help them practice what they’ve been taught about landscape drawing in their classrooms.

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