Here Is What Happened To Dorathy After Prince’s Eviction

Many hours after the eviction of Prince, Dorathy has continued to miss him.

Dorathy had found comfort in the bond she built with Prince in the past week following her fallout with Lucy in week seven

Following Prince’s eviction, Dorathy has broken down and it seems things might never be the same again.

Hurt by his eviction, DoOzo, who had been friends with Dorathy in the first week of the show, joined shortly to comfort herathy headed to her bed immediately after the eighth Sunday Live Eviction Show, joined shortly to comfort her.

Dorathy couldn’t hold back her sobs as she cried while talking about all the plans Prince had to accomplish in the House.

Explaining amidst tears to Ozo, Dorathy revealed how Prince had lofty plans of winning the Darling challenge, and possibly getting to win the Head of House games had eluded him time and time again.

Ozo tried comforting her with soothing words and assured her that she could count on Prince to be rooting for her outside the house.


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