Here Is The Truth About Kate Henshaw’s Electoral Bribery Allegations

Kate Henshaw bribery scandal

Nollywood actress and human rights activist, Kate Henshaw has responded to the electoral bribery allegations against her by Abdul Ishakaa.

Pictures of the actress giving dollars to one of her staff to package ‘in envelopes for the delegates’ had been released in Ishakaa’s Twitter post earlier accusing Kate of bribing delegates in one of the past elections.

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Kate reacts in a tweet where she said ”

“If something was meant to be hidden, do you dimwits think it will be shown in plain sight? Recorded for prosperity? Sanctimonious so and so.. that is what obtains in Nigeria. Go and try your luck and come back to me you hear? Bombaclats!!!”

However, the truth about the video is that it is an excerpt from a documentary the actress featured in, entitled: “My Nigeria”.

Here is the video.


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