“He Keeps Stealing From People, No One Believes Cos He’s A Celebrity” Man Expresses His Opinion At Davido(Video)


Davido, has been the subject of multiple accusations in recent times, and recently a man on social media shares his opinion on his inability to pay people. This is coming after several individuals coming forward to claim that the artist has not repaid money he owes.

These claims have left fans and observers perplexed, considering his family’s affluence and his substantial income from his music career. The most recent individual to call him out is AbuSalam, further fueling the debate about Davido’s financial obligations.


Abu Salam’s public call-out of Davido centers on an astonishing debt of 218 million Naira that the artist allegedly owes him. Abu Salam also revealed that his efforts to retrieve the money had been met with threats from Davido himself.

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One of the most striking claims made by AbuSalam is the statement that everyone in Davido’s inner circle treats him with an almost god-like reverence, rarely daring to question his decisions or actions.


The man in questioned who expressed himself concerning all the accusations being hurled at Davido disclosed that countless individuals, including women and even men, have privately messaged him to share their own stories of financial dealings with Davido. According to these claimants, when Davido borrows money, he consistently fails to meet his financial obligations, seemingly believing that repayment is optional.

Furthermore, the man in the video went as far as labeling Davido as a “thief” who takes money from people and fails to honor his financial commitments. He also reveals that people find it hard to believe that Davido owes people because of his A-list celebrity status.


Davido, has yet to issue a public response to these allegations. It remains to be seen how this story will evolve and impact him moving forward.






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