Friends Rally Round Stella Oduah

Success is the elder brother of honour and prestige. It throws the celebrant and achiever in a predictable state. But failure is an orphan despise by many. These golden words have proved to be true in several cases and now in the life of former Aviation Minister Chief (Ms.) Stella Oduah.
During her trying days when the issue of the Armor car scandal popped up, she became the ridicule of many and nearly went down with the scandal. And after her inglorious exit from the ministry, some of her friends started avoiding her like plague. But she was unperturbed and resolute with her head high. She went to the drawing to restrategise and just like the mythical phoenix she rose from her ashes.
 Few weeks ago, beautiful Stella got back her groove again when she emerged the winner of her senatorial district. The woman of substance who’s believed to be one of President Jonathan’s close confidants won the Senatorial North seat to represent Anambra Federal constituency in the nation’s forthcoming eighth Assembly.
What is now interesting is that since she attained this new feat, some of her friends who deserted then her are now finding a way to win back her attention and trust. Some of them we heard are now sending her congratulatory messages through the pages of news papers and magazines, but sources said she has learnt her lessons.

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