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The transient nature of fame accounts for the transformation of commoners into kings and vice versa. Popular Lagos businessman and former Captain of the Prestigious Lagos Polo Club, Francis Ogboro, was once numbered among the movers and shakers of the social scene. He graced the social scene for decades and emerged as one of the most enduring socialites in the country. It is, therefore, natural that his sudden disappearance from the scene would be a cause for concern for society watchers.

For some time now, Ogboro has given the social space a wide berth, leaving many to wonder what he has been up to. While some say the lovable Edo son might have been restrained by harsh economic realities, others insist that he remains well loaded financially.

There are many reasons why he has been an integral part of the comity of veteran socialites. Apart from being sociable and selfless, the Polo buff is also reputed for his huge connections.

However, just like the mythical bird that rose from its ashes, Ogboro is back from his societal hiatus to embrace the limelight once again.

Penultimate week, he was one of the powerful guests that graced Dolapo Abiodun’s birthday in Lagos. And from all indications, Ogboro seems to have regained the aura that placed him among society movers some years ago as he was seen exchanging pleasantries intermminently with other society shakers.

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