Fidson Healthcare Boss, Fidelis Ayebae In Dillema Over Failed Product

The top gaffer of Fidson HealthCare PLC, Mr Fidelis Ayebae is at loss on what to do about one of the company’s products that is doing badly in the market.

Fidson, which is one of the leading players in the pharmaceutical industry in the country introduced a product, Fidson Bitters, over a year ago. The expectations was that the product would compete with both Bakers Bitters and Yoyo Bitters which are the leading brands in the market.

Unfortunately, Fidson Bitters recorded massive failure in the market and the management team is however considering scrapping the product

fidson bitters 2But a source in the company which has business mogul, Felix Ohiwerei as its chairman disclosed to that the major problem Fidson Bitters has is the marketing style adopted by Oshoke Ayebae, the son of the Managing Director, Fidelis Ayebae who is the head of Marketing at Fidson Healthcare.

“Oshoke believes because his father owns the company, he came do whatever he likes. He doesn’t know the job and will not engage professionals to help out in pushing the products in the market. Many professional agencies have come to meet him over the product, but he kept sending them away. What he does is to employ sales girls himself and send them into the market. Those one always come back without selling a single bottle of Fidson Bitters. Until the guy allows professionals push the product, I don’t see the bitters going anywhere “. The source stated

Meanwhile, we learnt the Managing Director may phase out the product as soon as he is convinced that there is no way to rescue it in the market.

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