Fans That Care” Davido Hails His Fan For Sticking By Him Amidst The Allegations


Davido, recently took to Twitter to express his heartfelt appreciation for his devoted fans amid a storm of allegations that have come his way. In a moment of gratitude, he directed a tweet towards those loyal fans who have stood by his side during this turbulent period. This gesture was to appreciate his dedicated fanbase, demonstrating the enduring support he receives.

The past day or so has seen Davido had been struck by a series of allegations, primarily focused on him owing people.


The most prominent of these claims came from AbuSalam, who made a staggering revelation that Davido owed him a substantial 218 million Naira, stemming from a deal that had not been fulfilled. AbuSalam’s assertion included the disheartening detail that Davido had not repaid the money as promised.

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This revelation set off a chain reaction of additional allegations. Blessing CEO, for instance, disclosed that Davido was in debt to a car dealer, to the tune of 4.5 million Naira. This amount related to the purchase of a vehicle for one of Davido’s aides, Israel. The failure to settle this debt had sparked growing frustration.


Even fellow artist SamKlef added to the mounting chorus of voices claiming that Davido owed some people money. Samklef had revealed that some people had slid into his dms to talk to him about the singer owing them.

However, in response to this torrent of accusations, Davido has opted to address the situation through his social media presence. His choice of words in his tweets carries a powerful message of resilience. By asserting that he is “bulletproof,” Davido conveys the unwavering determination to withstand the allegations and emerge unscathed. It is a statement that reaffirms his unwavering commitment to his stance, despite the mounting pressures.

Furthermore, Davido’s tweet, “joy is coming,” hints at a sense of optimism and anticipation for brighter days ahead. It underscores his belief that the allegations and controversies that have surrounded him will not deter him. In fact, they seem to inspire him to look forward to a future filled with positivity and happiness.




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