Fans Disappointed At Simi, Demand An Apology

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Fans on Twitter are disappointed after Simi showed up late for her concert happening live in Lagos tonight at the Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel.

Although the ”Joromi” crooner has apologised, watch the video and read some reactions below.


More KinG NomSo  Retweeted Simi
Simi you cant even Showup for your Show? 

Simi’s show starts at 6pm, they said.
08:33pm and they’re still doing mic check mic check. I’m not surprised, I doubt anyone is.
It still doesn’t make it right though. And that’s why I’m tweeting this.

Simi’s concert that’s starting by 10:57pm and some of you people would still go to work tomorrow ?



Y’all out there waiting for simi? 
Simi is here in small doctor’s show dancing her ass off

Has the Simi concert started?
‏ ‏


After more than 4 hours simi never show face for concert
You people for there need to simi before you can see simi

Simi: Before anything i want to apologize, i’m extremely sorry and i want you to forgive me. Sometimes logistics can get in the way but i don’t want you to allow that not make you enjoy your night


KinG NomSo 

Simi’s voice is amazing.
I can’t believe I’m not even angry anymore.

At 10:55pm, simi has come out in butterfly ooooo… and she apologized so we moveeee

If Simi kept y’all waiting for 3 hours are you sure Wizkid will come at all?

Simi’s concert that’s supposed to start by 6, it’s almost 8 and they haven’t even opened venue

I’m sha waiting for my apology #Simi’sConcert

Angry fan

This is exactly how I feel right now. I love Simi too much for this disappointment.I’m in actual pains because I have lost time I can never get back

Burna Boy get show #BURNALIVE
Davido get show
Olamide get show
Adekunle Gold get show
Wizkid get show
Simi get show
Brymo get show

My bank account:

Watch her apology below:

Simi, but nobody see you 4 whole hours in. Madness.


Simi the next Amaka 


You people are waiting for simi since 7pm, but if na church una for done go house by now.

Not going to lie, I love that Simi is being shit on.
I truly dislike that woman.

Can simi come out already? Tomorrow is Monday o

Lol, disappointed in Simi mehn, what kind of rubbish is this? Still waiting outside for a show that was supposed to start at 6pm. SMH!!!#similiveinlagos

Simi summoning her inner Amaka tonight

Inner Amaka

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