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It’s good to have powers, but when the power cannot deliver you from your personal afflictions it becomes useless. Such is the fate of Helen Ukpabio. Before now, Helen was a fearless preacher with the powers to free people from witchcraft and turns their misfortunes around. Through this, the Rivers state popular female preacher has carved a niche for herself amidst controversies. While many have verbally criticized her for her execrable way of healing, which is preying on people’s fears and superstitions, demonising children and branding them witches, Helen has remained undaunted until recently when things took a downturn.
As you read, the lantern that gives light to others cannot itself as the healer is down with paralysis and despite money spent so far on her illness things have remained the same. However, those who share proximity with the famous preacher had said it’s a spiritual attack from her enemies and that she will soon get over it.
Narrating her brief bio on her personal websites, Helen said she was ‘initiated into Olumba cult at 14 years of age, and was also betrothed to Lucifer as would be wife.”
“This automatically qualifies me to attend a spiritual school for the Royals. I was trained in concepts of mysticism, occultism, spiritism, Satanism, demonism and general cultism. The idea of developing strategies that will aid in keeping activities of the cult alive and seeing more human registering with the occult kingdom is the number one goal of the occult kingdom.
The practice of witchcraft, necromancy, familiar spirits, and other spiritistic activities in order to multiply them thereby causing confusion multiplying wrong altars are Satan’s strategy to help water down the true churches are some of their activities.
Finally, the Lord brought me out in His own time. I was saved, born again, sanctified well taught in the word. I was 14 years when Olumba seized me to work for Satan but at 17 years, the Lord brought me out to His glory.
In 1992, I received a call into full time ministry, this is how Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries was born. The aim being to set the captives free by the gospel. Ever then the Church has grown forward.”

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