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Those born in nobility are always indentified by their ritzy regalia that are only reserved for the affluent. This is because the rich spare no cost to get whatever catches their fancy. We have many of them around us but a perfect example is Abimbola, the daughter of late reclusive billionaire, Deinde Fernadezi, who recently passed on at 79 in Belgium.

Now known as Bim in the US music sector, the rising singer, Abimbola, is known for her good taste and class. Bim is extravagant and could spend anything on fashion and decors. In her Manhattan luxury apartment, it is just like a small paradise.

Recently, the 24-year-old lady ostentatiously showed off the efficacy of her apartment in a photo. In the picture, it was amazing to see one of the world’s most expensive decors, Picasso hanging behind her. Even Rihanna, her role model could not afford it in the wake of her career despite her fortune and fame.

And besides, Bim’s wardrobe boasts of the best royal collections available around the world. She has in stock the expensive Carmen Marc Valvo dress, $2,640 (almost N.5m) and Gillian Harding pleated caftan dress, $1,300 (over N200k) among other expensive jewelries the one at times she puts on her dog.

No doubt, Bim lives the world of opulence, all thanks to her father’s wealth. Her late father a Nigerian billionaire was one of the richest men in the world. But the bonny beau is hell bent on making her own money and with her music career already soaring high, she has got all it takes.


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