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As criticism continues to trial the election of Ali modu Sherif as the B.O.T chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP), two prominent members of the party, Chief Olisa METUH the chief publicity secretary of the party, and Dr. Doyin Okupe, the immediate chief spokesman to Ex-President Good luck Jonathan, have also shared their diverse views on the raging issue.

This morning during a radio program on Ray Power network, both parties argued extensively expressing their thoughts on the issue.

According to Okupe, the election of Ali Modu Sheriff was unduly conducted as some party chieftains where not carried along. He also argued that the public perception about Ali modu Sheriff does not make him fit for the lofty position.

Meanwhile, Metuh in his argument argued that Alimodu was constitutionally elected. He also said that Ali modu is a grassroots politician who is ready to use his wealth of experience to help the party.

“The constitution was duly followed, members of the B.O.T where there, people like Bode GEORGE, ALIMODU ALI, AKPABIO, and some others. We needed a person from the North for the vacancy and we realize that Ali Modu Sheriff is the right person. Don’t forget this is a person that was elected into the house of rep, being in the Senate three terms and was governor for two terms. He has the Network, contacts, which can help to build the party, and that was why he was selected.”

However, it would be recalled that Ali Modu, a former Senator was allegedly linked to the dreadful Boko Haram group as its sponsor. At the moment, the growing perception among Nigerians is that Ali Modu with his link with Boko Haram is not eligible for such high and sensitive position.

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