Ex-Aviation Minister, Osita Chidoka Returns From Exile

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Success has been universally applauded as one with flocks of relatives, while failure is an orphan with whom no one is proud to associate with.
Osita Chidoka, the ex- Minister of Aviation, was once a jewel among his friends, the status he enjoyed courtesy his ministerial appointment. When his name popped up on the nominees’ list for ministerial post, he instantly became the cynosure of all eyes, with everybody wanting to be close to him. Before he was sworn-in on Wednesday, July 23, 2014, the former Road Safety Commission’s Corp Marshal received a royal treatment from his friends who organized a surprise bash in his honour. The party was to bid him farewell and as well welcome him into a new beginning.
That event which was held at Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja was attended by Senator Andy Ubah, FRSC top echelons and a host of other prominent Nigerians and business expatriates.
However, that giddiness did not last for long as the current government took over from the then President Jonathan’s administration. Following that transition, Osita’s fame faded out and his numbers of powerful friends decreased. As a result, Osita went into oblivion and nothing or little was heard about him. But the good news coming in is that Osita has returned from his state of hibernation. Unlike before, he has started attending gigs and being active with his social media handles. Announcing his return through his  Facebook page last week, he said: “Hello All, I am back to the page after months of hibernation, resting, baby sitting and exercising. I hope we can resume our conversation and engagement.”

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