Ever Given Ship Finally Refloated To Open Suez For Business

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The Ever Given Ship which had been stuck in the Suez Canal for almost a week has finally been refloated, reopening the canal for international trade.

According to canal authorities, the Ever Given ship was successfully turned by an Egyptian crew in the Suez Canal early this morning, after it had been stuck for nearly a week.

The massive ship’s grounding had initially impeded international trade, resulting in a pileup with hundreds of vessels in the canal.

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) confirmed in a statement that the ship is now partially floated and turned in the “right direction.” Canal service firms and maritime service providers previously reported the ship was once again afloat.

The authority’s chief, Osama Rabie, said workers used “pulling maneuvers” to move the ship.

The shipping traffic monitoring site, MarieTraffic.com, said satellite data showed the ship’s bow has been moved, but there is “still some work to do.”

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