EU Moves Closer To Imposing Sanctions On Niger Military Rulers


The European Union on Monday took a legal step towards imposing sanctions on Niger’s new military rulers, who overthrew the democratically elected leader in July.


The 27-nation bloc has condemned the ouster of Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum, which toppled a key Western partner in the jihadist-hit region.



The EU announced it had adopted a legal framework under which it can now “sanction individuals and entities responsible for actions that threaten the peace, stability and security of Niger”.

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The bloc’s foreign policy chief said the move “sends a clear message — military coups bear costs”.

The EU has already suspended security cooperation and financial support with Niger following the military takeover.

Former colonial power France is currently pulling out its 1,500-strong military deployment to the Sahel country after a demand from Niger’s new rulers.


A relative told AFP on Sunday that Bazoum is with his family and is doing well, after claims by the country’s new military rulers this week that he had tried to escape.

Since he was toppled by the military, Bazoum has refused to resign and has been held at his residence in the heart of the presidential palace along with his wife and son.




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