#EndSAR: “My Father Was Beaten To Death By SARS” – Nigerian Lady Shares Touching Story

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Another victim of police brutality who goes by the Twitter username, @Olusegu20376427, on shared the story of how her father was beaten to death by some SARS officers two years ago at Sango in Ogun State.

According to the lady whose dad was a bike man, the reason that he was beaten was because her dad refused to surrender his Bike key to the officers.

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The pains caused by the beating, according to her, led to her father’s death.

She also added that she was being schooled by the proceeds from her father’s Bike man’s work.

Unfortunately, she had to stop school as a result of her father’s death. She’s currently working at a Car Wash.

This is what she said:

My dad was beaten by #EndSARS at sango 2018,cuz they told him to gave dem his key but he refused,cuz my dad ws an okada man and that ws wat he does to feed us send us to school dey beat him, he died cause of the pain. No one to pay my fees nw I’m now working at car wash 😭.”

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