Echoes From Kayode Olagunju’s 52nd Birthday

One of the most popular popes of all times, Pope John XXIII once said:  “men are like wine, some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.” Over the years, these golden words have proved to be true in the lives of many and one such example is that of Kayode Olagunju.

Remarked as a man of integrity and civility, the fine marshal who on March 13, 2015 clocked 52 years on earth has continued to endear himself to many with his fine character, selfless nature, magnanimity and purposefulness. No matter how old he gets, he never lose his beauty, especially on the inner side.

Figaro, as many prefer to call him, is a man loved by all, and this has always been evident in the ways people swarmed around him like bees. Recently, when he clocked 52, the visionary and unassuming cop barely had a breathing space as his admirers showered him with love by coming around to celebrate him. The celebration turned out to be a surprise birthday party organized for him by some of his junior colleagues at Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

Though it was a surprise party, the quality of the celebration was second to none as the “birthday boy” was presented with a customized birthday cake designed with Arsenal FC logo and his picture in uniform.

Kayode Olagunju
Kayode Olagunju

Apart from the cake, the party was filled with drinks, from choice wine to Vintage Champagne, they were all in surplus. More highlights from the event include presentation of gifts, photo session and dancing. Though it was an office arrangement, Seun, Kayode’s beautiful wife of many years was also part of the groove with their lovely kids.

Apart from the gifts and merriment, what must have melted the heart of the gregarious cop were the kind words he received. Part of what were emphasized on is his integrity and hard work.

To those who know him like the back of their palm, the Ilesa Osun-State born is described as a rare gem, a hater of corruptible tendencies, educated and straight -forward person to both his colleagues and everyone that comes his way.

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