“Eba And Egusi Don Injure Me” Wizkid Cries Out After Enjoying A Copious Amount Of Food


Afrobeat sensation Wizkid recently gave his fans a glimpse of his playful and humorous side in a lighthearted video. In a recent video, he humorously shared that he was stuck in one place, unable to move due to the impact of a hearty meal.



The culprit behind his inability to move was none other than Eba and Egusi.


With a tired tone in his voice, Wizkid explained that he had overindulged and the food had left him feeling quite tired.



“I no fit move, this Eba and Egusi don injure me for this place”

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Fans, who are more accustomed to seeing Wizkid’s serious and professional side, were delighted by this playful display. They took to social media to express their amusement and offer their support. Some even playfully warned Eba and Egusi to “leave him alone” so he could regain his mobility.


Wizkid’s recent shift towards humor and playfulness comes in the wake of a challenging period in his life following the loss of his mother. After the loss, he returned to Nigeria with his partner, Jada, and his children. They went on to celebrate his mother’s burial, although the occasion was marked by controversies.

During this time, Wizkid has also been active on social media, sharing amusing anecdotes and interactions with fans. For instance, he recently posted a message from a fan humorously demanding new music from him, under the threat of unspecified consequences. Wizkid’s response was light-hearted, further endearing him to his fans.


In another instance, Wizkid teased his fans by suggesting that he might not release new music for four years, emphasizing his desire to savor the moment, relax, and enjoy his success and wealth.




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