Dumebi Kachikwu To NASS: Threats To Remove Buhari From Office Are Self-Serving

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Dumebi Kachikwu, the African Democratic Congress (ADC) candidate for president, referred to the opposition National Assembly members’ threats to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari as self-serving on Thursday.

Before Buhari should heed the National Assembly’s call for his resignation, Kachikwu said in a statement sent by his media office in Abuja, the leadership of both chambers must step down.

He claimed that the “National Assembly is implicated in the failure of government in the country,” which has led to the country’s deteriorating security situation, making his position vital.

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I found it quite amusing to hear certain senators and lower house members demand for the impeachment of the president, said Kachikwu.

This call is self-serving. The same individuals who have resisted performing their duties for the past three years have only recently realized that the President needs to be removed from office.

“What specifically happened today that is different from what has been occurring since President Buhari’s inauguration for his first term seven years ago and his second term three years ago? Are today’s attacks any different? Are the deaths more or less significant?

Is one life more valuable than the other? Do they feel threatened now that Abuja is under attack? Before calling on President Buhari to quit, the National Assembly should ask its leadership to step down since they are complicit in the failure of this government.

The candidate for the ADC presidential nomination bemoaned the fact that the Constitution’s checks and balances “never envisioned that Nigerians would be saddled with a cowardly and self-serving legislature.”

Yes, Buhari has failed and ought to step down or be impeached, he said, but only because the legislature neglected to perform its obligations.

“The entire National Assembly’s leadership should also step down or be impeached. This is the “doctrine of collective responsibility,” which has two edges.

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