‘Don’t Die For Anyone In Marriage’ – Toke Makinwa Warns

Toke Makinwa who is single after a failed marriage with has warned people in a relationship not to go to the extent of losing their lives for their partner.

According to Toke, she does not believe one has to be owned in marriage as this concept is very flawed.

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“Mental/emotional/financial growth. No one is worth going mad for, you’ll only die in the process and life will go on. Peace

She earlier wrote “Not one size fits all, it hurts but as women attacking ourselves over a man is not the solution. If he cheats, it’s not about you, don’t let his actions be a reflection of who you are.

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“Please do not miss the critical point of what I said, as women, do not carry the cross of another’s indiscretion, stop trying to share in the shame that is not yours. Work on yourself means to focus on YOU. Your mental health, your spiritual, financial and emotional growth.

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