Dog Protects Little Girl Being Reprimanded By Mother Over Spilling Moisturizer

A dog is and will always be man’s best friend. It is an animal capable of loving its owner more than it loves itself.

A golden retriever from China named Harry fiercely growled at a woman who was angrily reprimanding her naughty daughter.

In a recording shared by Daily Mail, the pooch was spotted holding onto the two-year-old girl as her mum went off on her.


The mother made sure she recorded the whole thing and the clip had people speaking highly of the loyal four-legged friend.


The golden animal looked over its shoulder as it barricaded the young girl’s body.


Each time it spotted the mum getting closer, it held on tightly to the two-year-old.


The mum said Harry and her daughter had a strong bond and developed a close relationship over the years.


Sun, the girl’s mum, said she was both tickled and annoyed by the ordeal and recorded the whole thing for remembrance.


Her daughter You You tore up a pack of facial cream that had just been bought.


Half of its content spilt on the floor thus infuriating the 32-year-old mum.


Sun cooled down as soon as she saw her furry friend protecting You You.


Meanwhile, It is quite common to hear stories about thieves and armed robbers having unsuccessful robbery attempts due to security guards and in some cases, guard dogs stopping them.


Well, in the break-in story currently trending on social media, things took a pretty interesting turn when the thief stole more than just electronic properties.


According to Twitter user Peter Ameh who shared the story, the thief stole two TV sets, a decoder among other things. However, he didn’t stop there as he went on to steal the supposed guard dog as well.

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