Diamond Bank MD, Uzoma Dozie In Trouble Over D’Banj’s Show

MD Diamond Bank, Uzoma DOZIE

Before now, Uzoma Dozie, the Managing Director of Diamond Bank has maintained a fine reputation in and outside the banking sector. What has helped him is his father’s unassailable reputation. Till present, his father, Pascal Dozie (Snr), who is the owner of the bank, is one of the richest men in the country with business interest in the banking and telecommunication sector. It was on this bedrock and many more that he was appointed as the bank’s gaffer.


However, the unpalatable news is that Dozie after all could just have thwarted his fine reputation. This is said to be coming on the heels of D’banj’s abysmal show which he sponsored. Gossip merchants are alleging that his decision to sponsor the show which brought Amber Rose, the American ‘twerking queen’ to Nigeria was for him to satisfy his lustful desire. There are claims that Dozie is a party freak with insatiable penchant for clubbing. It was also added that upon spending several millions of naira on the show, the bank gained no value in return.  For this reason, the highly reputed banker has been receiving public bollocking from different corners with many questioning his style of administration.

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