City businessman, Dele Oduwale has shut down a branch of his upscale eatery, Chicken Lovers located at Abule-Taylor, Lagos-Abeokuta Express road. The defunct eatery now operates under the name Kings and Queens Fast Food under a new owner. Before the recent transformation, the branch was operating under a terrible condition as customers were deserting the eatery.

Few months ago when yours truly visited the eatery, its chairs and table were not only outdated, but the building and other facilities were also in bad shape. It was also noticed that some of the food items were below standard and some even taste badly and gives obnoxious odour.

Meanwhile, during a chat with a female staff member of the eatery, she attributed the ugly transformation to inefficient managerial skill. She added that while the owner is interested in efficient service delivery, some of his managers are lackadaisical and incompetent.

Commenting on the challenges facing him in the fast food business, the city man who also doubles as Encore Hotel gaffer said, “I’ve never done a business that is as challenging, time-consuming as Chicken Lovers. It is just that with fast food, the challenges are much more than that of any other business I’m doing. Challenges in the sense of making sure that the restaurant stays open 24 hours (seven days a week and 365 days a year); challenges that customers come to eat and there are foods to eat; and challenges of running, within one year, six branches of Chicken Lovers. That is why people will say I’ve dedicated and put in so much effort into Chicken Lovers than any other business I’m doing.”

“Don’t forget that if you are a promoter of a business and you have a vision, no matter how you try 90 per cent of the staff you employed will not share the vision with you. So, in Nigeria that is one of the challenges we face…In Nigeria, not many people or workers want to add any value into the companies in which they are working…,” he noted

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