Successful transport merchant, Chidi Anyaegbu is currently not happy inspite of the millions that run into his deep pocket everyday. While one may expect that his trouble could have emanated from a dire business deal, it may surprise you to know that what is bordering the Chisco transport boss is the people’s perception concerning transportation business in Nigeria. Chidi who started transportation business 32 years ago after trying out his hands in the sale of spare part at Ebute Metta, Lagos, is currently sad that people still view transportation as a job meant for school dropouts and touts. He is said to be particularly disturbed by this perceived distorted public view and hereby, ready to correct it.

To accomplish this, the business mogul, we heard, is prepared to educate and train people about transportation business. Part of his plans, we gathered, is to start a school where those interested in the business will receive adequate training and obtain a certificate as done in Europe. But prior to then, he is said to have introduced transportation as a course at the Nnamdi Azikwe University, and also built an academic citadel for the Transport Studies department in the school to enable people study transportation and become a professional. He is said to have invested a sum of N78m in the project.

Besides, it may also interest you to know that the first son of the affluent business tycoon has a master’s degree in Transport and Logistics from Ironwell University London, and he his deeply involved in the running of his father’s transport business.

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