Chelsea FC First Team Doctor, Eva, Is Sex-Mad – Ex-Lover Reveals

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Chelsea FC first team doctor Eva Carneiro’s ex Rupert Patterson-Ward says they split after she taunted him with claims of having sex with a player.

Carneiro who is regarded as a top-class professional and one of the best sports medics in the game joined Chelsea in 2009 when former manager Andre Villas-Boas brought her into the first-team fold in 2011.

Rupert first met the doctor at Frankie’s sports bar in the club’s Stamford Bridge complex they began dating in January 2012. Rupert last night told SunSports how she is passionate, ruthless and gets whatever she wants. His revelation comes after Eva was dropped from the bench after a row with manager Jose Mourinho.

“This woman ruined my life. Eva would blurt out she had slept with one of the players during heated rows. She said it just to make me feel bad. I don’t believe it was true.’’

“I was a bit tipsy and loose-tongued and went over and began chatting. She was with her parents but I didn’t care. I chatted for as long as I could without freaking her out, and made sure she had my name, phone number, email, you name it.

“That day was like a Carlsberg TV ad.

“Eva is a very sexual woman and not many people know the real her. She’s ruthless and gets whatever and whoever she wants. I was besotted with her and we were planning a family, but she chewed me up and spat me out.

“She rubbished me because I earned less than £30,000 a year — what some footballers collect in a day. I tried so hard but nothing was good enough for her. Eva loved sex. It was so important to her. We would have sex every single day.

“She is a fiery and passionate woman who knows what she wants. I was an incredibly lucky man. We were blissfully happy. We were an item and wanted the world to know — two people very much in love.” Rupert said.

The advertising salesman believes Eva mistakenly thought he worked at Chelsea FC. But he was welcomed into the inner sanctum of the club as her boyfriend and was on friendly terms with the team’s superstars.

“Eva got me tickets to every home game. I’d go to lots of away matches too. Everyone at the club knew who I was. I was invited to the homes of Florent Malouda and Petr Cech.

“I travelled to Munich for the Champions League final with John Terry’s wife Toni, Frank Lampard’s partner Christine Bleakley and all of the team’s friends and family. John knew who I was and I’d shake hands with Didier Drogba and others. It was amazing.” He added.

But months later, as their relationship floundered, he claims she taunted him by bragging that she’d had sex with a player during their time together.

“She told how one footballer would constantly hit on her, parading around naked in front of her at every opportunity in the dressing room and making sure she got a real eyeful.

“After one match he called her to his hotel room and answered the door completely starkers.

“Eva rubbed my nose in it when we rowed. It was cruel. She is a fiery Latino, sex-mad, and prides herself on being popular among the players. Eva loved the attention.”

The demoted team doctor after a row with Jose Mourinho had a passionate relationship with Rupert for 15 months.

Rupert who has since found new love believes the Gibraltar-born medic loves hanging around rich guys with huge egos and is of the opinion that she liked him because he was different, but ultimately he wasn’t enough for her.

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