If only the wealthy could buy death, then they would have opened their vaults to save their precious lives. But death is not negotiable. That is why Cecilia Ibru, the embattled banker who once held sway at the defunct Oceanic Bank couldn’t do anything to save his son, Rode from the jaws of death.
Rode, a filmmaker, died in June and was buried few days ago. His brother Obaro Ibru and friends announced his passing on social media, eulogizing the man they called an amazing individual but they didn’t say how he died. His father is billionaire businessman Olorogun Michael Ibru. Rode died at the age of 34 as a filmmaker.
The deceased’s unfulfilled dream was to shoot a documentary entitled Sean Garnier Vs The World, which he was filming before he met his untimely death. His other works include Satan has a Bushy Tail, Hollow Road and Augustina.
As for the deceased’s mother, Cecilia Ibru, the news of her son’s death has only compounded her woes. Before now, she had been living a very challenging life, living a life of a celibate after her shameful exit from the banking industry owing to corruption charges.

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