Cardi B Rejects Offset’s Public Apology While Performing (Video)

It is no longer news that U.S. couple and rappers Cardi B with her hubby Offset are having serious marital crisis after the Migos singer cheated on his wife.

During Cardi’s performance at the RollingLoud festival in Los Angeles, last night, Offset surprised his wife with a bouquet of roses that spelled “TAKE ME BACK CARDI.” “I just wanted to say I’m sorry, in person and in front of the world. I love you,” he said.

The father of one has been trying back to back to get his bae back. Earlier this week he made a video begging Cardi to forgive him, Unfortunately for Offset, Cardi B needs more time to think.

One funny thing to note here is that although this couple are fighting currently, Cardi will not let anyone say nasty things about her husband still. She’s one loyal lady who values family.

See the videos for yourself.

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