BUSTED: Top Population Commission Boss Caught Up In Certificate Forgery Scandal

Barely a year to the conduct of the next population census, investigations have revealed how a top official of the National Population Commission (NPC), Nigeria, Mr. Berthram Chukwubuike Iloka allegedly forged his certificates so as to extend his years in the civil service.npc

Iloka is the director of ICT whose office is charged with the responsibility of documenting census figures.

Investigations conducted by Globalvillageextra revealed that the director allegedly altered his documents for fraudulent purpose.

It was gathered that in the Gen form 60 and Staff record form submitted by the Director upon his assumption into duty in 1992, his date of birth reflected 13th May, 1960.

Also, his highest qualification at that time was a Higher National Diploma(HND).

However, it was revealed  that owing to the new Intergrated Personnel and pay roll information System (IPPIS) initiated by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to  rid the Civil service off ghost workers and corrupt Civil servants, the Director allegedly changed his date of birth to 13th May, 1962 and also added few degrees to his qualification.

Meanwhile, trouble started when Iloka, despite the controversies surrounding his certificate was promoted to Grade Level16.

This has continued  to generate outrage in the commission  as the management is being accused of protecting the Director in question.

A source at the commission who pleaded anonymity wondered how someone who is accused of certificate forgery could be promoted even in the heat of the controversies.

“An issue if proven should have led to his outright dismissal, it is our time in the Commission, if not how could he get promoted as Deputy Director,in the face of the daunting allegation of forgery and abuse of Civil Service rule PS03040Which prescribes dismissal?, the source queried.

While quoting the public rules on personal records, 020108 the source said:“Heads  of extra ministerial offices shall keep an updated record of every officer under their control. Form Gen 60 shall  be used and one copy must be sent to the Central staff records office  in the Heed of Service  of the Federation, offices of the Accountant General and Auditor General of the Federation, National pension Commission  within one month of appointment, form Gen 60 shall be completed in Ink.

“Date of birth recorded on appointment  by an officer shall  not  be changed throughout  the career of the officer, any contravention shall be  regarded as serious act of serious misconduct.

“Such offences include, falsification of records, suppression of records, withholding of files and conviction on a criminal charge among others.”

Based on information gathered by GVE, it was revealed that the Commission was duly notified by  whistleblowers in the Commission.

Also, it was revealed that  Iloka in his reply to a letter dated  20 April, 2016, NPC/PF, 1044/183 of 18th August, 2010 and signed by one Bala-Ribah, RS, a Deputy Director, training which was addressed to him on the matter had asked the commission to remove the fraudulent report from his record.

The letter titled:“Notification Of Firm Registration  For Doctorate  Programme In The  Management  And Notification/ Documentation Of Doctorate Degree In Computer Resources And Information Management a copy of which was made available to GVE reads:”I am directed to refer to our letter Ref. No NPC/PF 10448/1/130 of 18th August, 2010 on the above subject matter and to observe that the title ‘Dr’ still features in your communication with the Commission.

“You are therefore requested to forward  a copy of the PhD  thesis for record purposes as is done in all government establishments, this will enable staff benefit from the  knowledge acquired please.”

When contacted, Iloka maintained that he presented a PhD certificate to the commission but quickly added that this, did not in any way influence  his promotion.

He claimed that he rose through the rank in the Civil Service.

Iloka said:“ I have been invited by ICPC and the management and I told them how I got my PhD, what is the issue there, it is my IT  staff that are still adding that prefix to my name but I have instructed them to remove it.”

Also in a SMS text to our correspondent as follow up to his reactions, he said:“please you may wish to visit as the letter quoted needed my Dsc research papers for the benefit of others , even though  I got no approval  before embarking  on the program and I have deposited it. It is contradictory anyway. I wonder why the True caller cannot identify you. I hope you are  what you said you are. We cannot  embrace God’s forgiveness  if we are so busy  clinging to past wounds and nursing old grudges.

Culled from globalvillageextra.com

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