Businesses That Can Make You Extra Money As A Nigerian Student

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Finance is the major problem that students face in school.

Some students are sponsoring themselves, while others come from a poor background that finds it hard to take care of their needs.

As a university student, there are some ways that you can make money in school and be independent. Here are businesses you can do as a student and make extra money.

1 Barbing

You can actually make a living by opening a barbing salon shop in your school. This is a lucrative business that you can do as a student and still have time for lectures and assignments.

2. P.O.S business

You already know that the Nigerian banking system is so bad. People find it difficult to take their own money when they wish to. You have to queue for a very long time before cashing your money from the ATM. You can actually help your kids and make money while helping them. Opening a P.O.S business is a very good thing and it doesn’t cost much to start.

3. Business centre

The business centre is also another profitable business that you can open. Offering the services of photocopying, printing, typing of project topics and Doing research work for students.

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