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Buhari’s video Attacking Shagari Resurfaces

A video in which President Muhammadu Buhari said he did not regret ousting President Shehu Shagari through a military coup has resurfaced just as Buhari went to Sokoto State to commiserate with Shagari’s family.

In the video, which was an interview with Seun Okinbaloye on Channels TV’s Politics Today programme that was recorded in December 2014, Buhari said he had no regret removing Shagari, adding that a democratic government that was corrupt could be overthrown.

When asked if he was sorry for ousting Shagari’s government, Buhari said, “No. I am not sorry because I mentioned why we did it and we proved our case.”

When reminded of the fact that the coup veered Nigeria off the course of democratic advancement, Buhari said, “So, when you are a democracy, you are entitled to steal the country dry and put our people in a pauperised position, destroying institutions and destroying infrastructure?”

However, when asked if he blames Shagari solely for the corruption, Buhari responded: “Don’t personalise it. I will blame the Second Republic for that.”

The video, which has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, attracted comments from a wide range of persons.

Many persons have tagged Buhari and his media aides to the video.

Reacting to Shagari’s death on Friday, the President said on his official Twitter handle that he would miss the former President who was a man of integrity.

He wrote, “I mourn the departure of a patriot, who served Nigeria with humility, integrity and diligence. Nigerians held him in the highest esteem even when he was out of office until his demise, and will forever miss his wise counsels.”

Some other Twitter users wondered why Buhari would topple Shagari’s government and put him on house arrest for nearly two years if the latter was a man of honour as claimed by Buhari in his condolence message.

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