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Blazer Style Redefinition

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Blazer style redefinition– Without at least five different blazers, your journey to becoming a style icon is somewhat incomplete. While owning them may not be a problem, you may encounter difficulties in styling them.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of five ways to jazz up your blazer look.

B is an abbreviation for Blazer and Boss

Can we be completely honest with you? You don’t always have to wear a suit to exude boss lady vibes. All you need is the right blazer and stunning trousers. Pair the look with stiletto heels and a matching bag to make a statement.

Return to the Past

It’s never too late to live out your high school fantasies. If you ever want to channel your inner schoolgirl, a blazer worn over a shirt and blazer is a great option. Finish the look with a mini skirt, boots, and a rebellious attitude.

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Draped everywhere

Not all blazers are required to be worn. To achieve a more expensive look for your outfit, skip wearing your blazer and instead drape it around your shoulders. This look is best paired with a gown or a two-piece sleek dress.

Please, only Blazers

Who needs items like shirts and shirts when you can just wear a blazer? When paired with sandal heels or ankle boots, oversized blazers look incredibly chic.

Colours that pop

Never underestimate the power of trial and error. When it comes to colour combinations, step outside of your comfort zone. Rather than wear a neutral blazer like grey, brown, or white, go bold and wear a neon or purple blazer.

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