Bianca Ojukwu Finds True Love

Bianca Ojukwu, the beautiful wife of late warlord and Igbo leader, C h u k w u e m e k a O d u m e g w u Ojukwu has found true love. Unlike the type of love that movies, television, and songs portray, the bonny widow has found love and happiness in a set of people who appreciate her good work.

Since she moved to Spain over a year ago, the former beauty queen and Nigeria’s ambassador to that country has enjoyed plenty of love from Nigerians in that nation and even the Spaniards. Apart from her alluring beauty that has continued to enthrall her admirers, she has also won the consciousness of many through her office.

According to reports, the 46-year-old belle has helped in shepherding Nigerians in Spain to victory, bringing back their lost glory like a colossus. Passport fees and some consular charges were said to have been reduced for the benefit of Nigerian citizens living in Spain through her efforts. And the people are said to be happy about this drastic change and improvement.

Though it is obvious that Bianca is facing lots from her husband’s relatives over the deceased’s estate, she has continued to draw strength from the arrays of people who truly appreciate her motives, passion and desires.

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