Ballon d’Or 2023: Number Of Countries That Voted Lionel Messi, Haaland, Mbappe Revealed


The number of countries that voted for Lionel Messi in the just concluded 2023 Ballon d’Or award has emerged.

Recall that Lionel Messi beat Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe to claim an eighth Ballon d’Or award.


Messi won the 2022 World Cup, scoring 7 goals in the process, also won the Coppa America and Ligue 1 title with Paris Saint-Germain.

His closest challenger, Erling Haaland won the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup in one season.

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However, about 75 countries, including Nigeria, were in favour of Messi winning the award while 20 countries backed Haaland.


Here is the full list of votes country by country:


South Africa: Messi


Albania: Messi


Algeria: Haaland


Germany: Messi


England: Messi


Saudi Arabia: Messi

Argentina: Messi


Australia: Messi


Armenia: Messi


Austria: Messi


Bahrein: Haaland


Belgium: Messi


Benin: Haaland


Bielorussia: Messi


Bolivia: Messi


Bosnia: Messi


Brazil: Messi


Bulgaria: Mbappé

Cameroon: Mbappé


Canada: Messi


Capo Verde: Haaland


Cina: Messi


Cile: Messi


Colombia: Messi


Korea: Messi


Costa Rica: Messi


Ivory Coste: Mbappé


Croatia: Messi


Denmark: Haaland


Scotland: Messi


Egypt: Messi

Ireland: Messi

UAE: Messi

Ecuador: Messi

Spain: Messi

USA: Messi

Finland: Messi

France: Haaland

Gabon: Haaland

Wales: Messi

Georgia: Messi

Ghana: Haaland

Greece: Haaland

Guinea: Haaland

Guinea Eq: Messi

Honduras: Messi

Hungary: Messi

India: Messi

Iraq: Messi

Iran: Messi

Northern Ireland: Messi

Island: Haaland

Israel: Messi

Italy: Messi

Jamaica: Messi

Japan: Haaland

Giordania: Haaland

Kirghizistan: Haaland

Lebanon: Messi

Luxembourg: Messi

Macedonia: Haaland

Morocco: Messi

Mexico: Messi

Montenegro: Messi

Nigeria: Messi

Norway: Haaland

Oman: Messi

Uganda: Messi

Palestine: Messi

Panama: Messi

Paraguay: Messi

Netherlands: Messi

Perù: Messi

Polonia: Messi

Portugal: Bernardo Silva

Qatar: Messi

Czech Republic: Messi

Romania: Messi

Russia: Messi

Salvador: Haaland

Senegal: Haaland

Slovakia: Haaland

Slovenia: Messi

Sweden: Messi

Switzerland: Haaland

Tunisia: Messi

Turkiye: Messi

Ukraine: Messi

Uruguay: Messi

Venezuela: Messi


Vietnam: Messi


Zambia: Messi




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