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There is nothing devastating like a broken marriage. Fatima Abubakar, the third wife of former vice president, Atiku Abubakar is desolate as you read. The reason for her gloominess is because her darling lover, Atiku has finally abandoned her like bad habit. Some years back, Atiku and Fatima were together an item in the society, leading to the formal furnishing a tasteful apartment for Fatima in Lagos. But sooner than later, the ties between the two suffered a setback as their passion for each other waned down.
On why things turned around ineptly, those in the know said Atiku should be blamed for the breakdown as he seldom visits Fatima. Though the estranged couple related the strain in their union to ‘irreconcilable differences,’ sources linked their marriage breakdown to disjointed communication and lack of affection. And only few weeks back, the two lovebirds officially parted ways following a divorce suit allegedly filled by Atiku.
At the moment, Fatima though depressed and saddened by the development, has moved on with her life. Those who should know said she’s taken her fate in her hands as she’s vowed to forget the memories attached to the romance gone sour and concentrate on raising her kids.
What is of note to those who should know is that even before the divorce, Fatima has been relegated to obscurity as other wives have taken shine off her. Among Atiku’s four wives, the last wife, Jennifer Douglas is now set to be the new darling of the politician.

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