Aso-Ebi: Has it outlived its usefulness?

Aso Ebi
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To various people, friendship means different things. To some, it could be someone who carefully listens to their rants, someone who loves and respects them, and to others, it could be someone who buys their aso-ebi.

What exactly is aso-ebi?

It was invented by the Yoruba tribe. It is just a one-of-a-kind fabric worn by some people for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and funerals. It is typically worn by family and friends to represent unity, support, and solidarity. Aso-ebi appears to be creating more harm than good in our society today. Because of the high cost of aso-Ebi, many individuals find it difficult to attend weddings.

Aso Ebi

Nowadays, some celebrants sell their aso-ebi for exorbitant prices, far above the retail price. They see it as a way to raise finances for a lavish event. Most people acquire these goods to avoid offending their friends, while others buy them to avoid victimization. Some people also buy it to avoid being left out or facing discrimination at the event. This is because attendees who do not wear aso-ebi are frequently treated differently at such parties. Souvenirs are reserved for the aso-Ebi people, and food is occasionally served first to them. It makes no difference whether the person who did not purchase one brought a costly gift for the celebrant.

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When we evaluate the long-term financial cost of purchasing aso-ebi, we can legitimately claim that such money could have been better spent because, in addition to the cost of the material itself, we must also consider the tailoring cost of sewing the cloth. One could claim that the original meaning of solidarity, such as aso-ebi, has gradually morphed into a source of societal turmoil, a display of wealth, and discrimination against people. Furthermore, some people purchase it out of fear—fear of losing friends who would purchase it on their own during their event.

Aso Ebi

The “craziness” is slowly infiltrating other spheres, such as baby showers. Yes, you heard correctly. For baby showers, some people now ask their guests to purchase and wear aso-Ebi.

Another point of contention is the souvenirs. Some people have been let down after purchasing a costly also-Ebi since the keepsake they received after the ceremony was not in proportion to the price of the aso-ebi. Also, do you expect mementos from your guests after they’ve purchased your pricey aso-ebi?

The use of aso-ebi has shifted from what it was in the past. It comes with a lot of cultural pressure, the urge to be snobbish, and a sense of entitlement in our current society. In today’s families, there are family members that are at odds because of aso-ebi. We also have those who are not on good terms but appear to support and put on a good show by wearing aso-ebi.

Aso Ebi

People nowadays do aso-ebi for show and social media. Another issue is that you usually only wear it once because each new occasion has its own aso-ebi requirements; as a result, your wardrobe is now loaded with aso-ebi that you have only worn once, and in some circumstances, the money you spent on them might have purchased you a plot of land. I’ve long puzzled why so few ladies repeat their aso-ebi. Even Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, wears the same outfit and shoes.

Aso Ebi

Always sell at a reasonable price. Do not rely on aso-ebi to raise funds for an event; it may backfire and leave you stuck at the end of the day.

If you can’t afford to buy aso-ebi, seek for the event’s color of the day and choose anything from your wardrobe with similar colours. Consider holding a small event rather than a large one, which would put you in debt.

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