As We Prepare To Enter Into The Month Of April, Please Ask God To Do These 3 Things For You

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It’s just a few hours from now, and we would be entering into another new month, the month of April, which is the fourth month of the year, and also the month of joy. As we prepare to enter into the new month, here are 3 things you should tell God the highest to do for you, please read on.

1) Tell Him to bless you: In this life, whether you believe it or not, we can’t do without God’s blessings. Therefore it’s important that you continually pray for His blessings upon your life. Tell Him now to bless you, not just bless you, but bless you abundantly.

2) Tell Him to protect you from every harm, disaster, danger or evil: We currently live in times where evils are abundant, times where disasters, deaths, troubles, temptations, problems, and all that not are in abundance. To be free from any or all of these, tell God to protect you from them, for according to his promises, He’d always protect His people,- those who call upon him

3) Tell Him to heal Nigeria: Nigeria needs healing and deliverance from the so many things which are troubling it, and which it is suffering from. Please tell God to heal our country Nigeria, tell him to make this country great, tell him to uplift this country from its a poor state, also tell him to put an end to all terrorism, insurgency, corruption, and everything which is causing problems to this country.

Please don’t fail to tell God these, for it’s only for your own good, and not for anyone else. Tell them to Him with faith, and I pray that He would answer us, Amen.

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